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Sprayer Calibration


Sprayer Calibration

Calibrating your sprayer is important for making sure you get the right amount of spray out on your crop. These instructions will tell you how to calibrate your sprayer to find out how many Gallons Per Acre (gpa) you will be spraying. The method that we are using is called the 128th of an acre method, it takes the amount of water put out of 1 tip over a certain distance at the same speed, RPM's, and pressure that will be used in the field.

1) The first thing you need to do is to measure the distance between the tips on the sprayer. It does not matter which 2 tips on the sprayer that you measure.

2) Find the distance you measured on this chart.  The number of feet that corresponds with it is the number you need in step 3.

Inches Between Tips - Feet to Travel

16"                                    255'
18"                                    227'
20"                                    204'
22"                                    186'
24"                                    170' 

 3) Next you need to mark off a test strip. The number of feet you got in step 2 is the length The easiest way we have found to do it is with some orange marking paint. Mark your starting line then get a measuring wheel or long tape measure and spray another mark at the ending point.

4) Now you will take a bottle of some kind(a Gatorade bottle with the big lid works great) and tape it around one of your tips, once the bottle is secure you need to set your tractor exactly as you will run it in the field, same RPM's, pressure, gear on the tractor and speed. The best way to do this is get everything set and start your run then turn the sprayer on as you pass your starting line.

When you reach the end of your strip and shut your sprayer off you need to measure the the number of ounces that you caught in your bottle. Whatever the number is will be how many gallons of spray you will spray per acre. As with anything else if you have any questions please call us and we will help walk you thru it.

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What are your hours?  

M-F 7:30AM - 5:30PM

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What time of year do you plant clover?

We recommend planting clover in November and December.  This will give you the red blooms in late April and early May.

When is a good time to plant my summer/fall food plots?

Summer food plots should be planted from April to June.  Fall plots should be planted from September to December, depending on which seed you are planting.

How many square feet are in an acre?


How many ounces in a Gallon?


What is the gas station's phone number on the corner?

Walker Mart - 850-997-1303

What is the hydraulic shops phone number across the street?

McClellan Five - 850-997-9600